Suppression of Carnosine on Adhesion and
Extravasation of Human Colorectal Cancer Cells

t carnosine can suppress adhesion of HCT-116 cells to EA.hy926 cells and extravasation. Carnosine also inhibitand the NF-ĸB activation pathway of EA.hy926 cells by reducing IĸB phosphorylation, NF-ĸB–DNA binding activity and ICAM1, E-selection, ROCK and RHOA protein levels. Carnosine also reduced the permeability of EA.hy926 cell–cell junctions by reducing protein levels of ROS, ROCK, RHOA and VEcadherin phosphorylation. Carnosine significantly inhibited HCT-116 cell adhesion to EA.hy926 cells by suppressing molecular adhesion and integrin β1, ICAM1, and E-selection protein expression.

DOI: 10.21873/anticanres.13821